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Devil's Cub

The question asked most often in this book is: Who on earth would want to go to Dijon? But the story starts in London with the kidnapping of a gentlewoman that went wrong. Flight and chase take readers on a rocky ride through France to Paris and from there to Dijon. There are no car races and crime scene investigations, I'm afraid; the year is 1780.

The Secret History Of Georgian London

If ‘Georgian London’ conjures pictures of large, white, representative buildings, then this book will take you down a peg or two. If you think that your earlier incarnation was sweeping down majestic staircases in beautiful gowns, chances are much higher you would have lived in the gutter. Come to meet the girls and boys widely ignored by Georgette Heyer in her period novels.

These Old Shades

Enter Paris and Versailles in the time of Louis XV. Corruption and intrigue are ripe in France and give an open playing field to the English Duke of Avon, affectionately known as Satanas to his enemies. Starting broke as a youngster, he had gambled a young Austrian noble out of his fortune to pay for a lavish and sumptuous lifestyle.